Sending Fragile Items? A Handy Guide To Packing Glass & Fragile Items

Sending Fragile Items? A Handy Guide To Packing Glass & Fragile Items


How to pack glass for shipping with

Although it can sometime seem like a daunting task, at some stage in your life, you will have to pack a piece of delicate glass or glazed picture. At Parcel Direct we understand these items are some of the most precious and risky pieces to send anywhere. They are very fragile and prone to damages.

Carefully packing your glass items when relocating home or sending them with a courier abroad is a very important task. If they are not packed correctly, they will almost certainly arrive at their destination damaged.

But if you follow our advice below, we can help ensure they arrive in one piece

How to Pack Glass Items

Before you begin, it is important to make sure you have the correct packing supplies

First you will need a good double walled box. We always recommend a new box, but if you can’t find one they just make sure you reinforce any recycled boxes.

Then you will need to wrap all your glass in paper. If you don’t have packing paper, newspaper makes a great substitute.

Next, you should cut your bubble wrap into suitable sizes, and wrap your glassware in as much as possible. You should use packing tape to secure the bubble wrap. Remember, use lots.

You can then wrap them in cling wrap, to add another layer of protection and keep the bubble wrap nice and tight around your items

Finally, add a generous amount of packing peanuts into the box to help prevent and damage during the shipping process.

How to Pack and Seal Your Box

Place your packed glass into the box, so it fits snugly, not too tightly packed. Fill your box with plenty of packing peanuts. Make sure to shake you box and push the peanuts around and into any spaces between the items. You can also use newspaper in the same way. Continue this until the box is full and there is no movement in the box when you shake it.

Once this in complete, seal up your box with lots of good packing tape. Ad some fragile tape or stickers if you have them.

Now just attach you shipping labels and relax while the courier calls to collect your parcel.