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ParcelDirect is an Amazing Booster For Our Business

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Why is the Perfect Booster for Our Business

At, Ireland’s largest supplier of smoking cessation products, we understand the crucial role that reliable shipping plays in our success. Our products, including nicotine pouches and other smoking cessation aids, are in high demand, and our customers expect quick and reliable delivery. That’s why we’ve partnered with, a decision that has significantly boosted our business operations.

Meeting High Demand with Efficiency

The popularity of our smoking cessation products means that we need a shipping partner who can handle high volumes efficiently. has consistently met and exceeded our expectations in this regard. Their ability to manage our shipping needs smoothly ensures that our customers receive their orders promptly, maintaining the high level of service we pride ourselves on.

Ease of Use and Convenience

One of the standout features of is their user-friendly platform. As John, our Shipment Manager, points out, scheduling shipments has never been easier. The intuitive interface allows us to book deliveries quickly and efficiently, saving us valuable time that we can invest back into our business. This convenience is a significant advantage for a small business like ours, where every minute counts.

Cost-Effective Shipping Solutions

In addition to their efficiency, offers competitive rates that help us manage our shipping costs effectively. As a business, keeping operational costs in check is vital for maintaining profitability. The affordable shipping options provided by enable us to offer our products at competitive prices, which is a significant benefit for our customers.

Reliable and Professional Service

Reliability is a key factor in our partnership with We need to be confident that our products will reach our customers in perfect condition, and delivers on this promise consistently. Their professional service ensures that each package is handled with care, reducing the risk of damage or delays.

Supporting Small Business Growth

John emphasizes that has been the perfect booster for our small business. Their support has allowed us to scale our operations and meet the growing demand for our products without compromising on quality or service. This partnership has been instrumental in helping us maintain our position as Ireland’s leading supplier of smoking cessation products.

Customer Satisfaction

Ultimately, the end goal is customer satisfaction, and helps us achieve this. By ensuring that our products are delivered quickly and in excellent condition, they contribute directly to our customers’ positive experiences. Happy customers are repeat customers, and our reliable shipping partner plays a crucial role in building this loyalty.


In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, having a dependable shipping partner is essential. For, has proven to be that partner. Their efficient, cost-effective, and reliable service has significantly boosted our business operations therefore allowing us to meet the high demand for our popular smoking cessation products. If you’re a small business looking for a shipping solution that offers convenience, affordability, and professionalism, we highly recommend

Ultimate Shipping Guide from Ireland

ParcelDirect is about simplifying courier services as much as we can for the customer. Below we have made a list of some of the most common questions about couriers and answered them in one place.

How do I send a parcel by courier in Ireland?

ParcelDirect makes it as easy as we can for you. Just follow the below and you will have your parcel booked in to be collected.

  1. Get a quote for your parcel on our quote tool.
  2. Choose your price.
  3. Enter the collection and delivery details.
  4. Choose your collection date.
  5. Review your order to ensure all the details are correct.
  6. Pay via credit or debit card.

That’s it! Our courier will collect it from the collection address you provided and ship it to the delivery address. Everything is tracked so you can keep an eye on the delivery.

If you need any help, contact our customer support and we will be happy to help.

How to ship cheap in Ireland?

ParcelDirect provides you with the cheapest rates around! The economy couriers like DPD and GLS are great for this. Economy options are slower for delivery but provide you with a cheaper alternative if you are not in a rush! They also come with a tracking number so you can keep an eye on delivery.

Which courier service is best for Ireland?

ParcelDirect offers you a wide option of couriers in one place, all for some of the cheapest prices in Ireland. Check out our quote tool to get your price now!

How much do couriers charge?

Prices for couriers can vary depending on the size and weight of the parcel, which courier you choose and the speed. You can get a specific quote for your parcel on our quote tool.

Within Ireland, prices start from €6.50 and if they are leaving Ireland, prices can start from €20.

*Prices above are approximate and based off small parcels.

Who is the cheapest courier in Ireland?

If you ask us, ParcelDirect is all you need, we compare prices for your parcel with all of the couriers and then let the customer choose a price and speed that suits their budget. From our experience, GLS is the cheapest provider within Europe with prices starting as low as €6.50 on our website.

Can a courier pick up a parcel for me?

In short, YES! ParcelDirect is your one stop shop for shipping, we offer various options of couriers and they all collect from your home, workplace or one of our convenient drop off locations if you cannot wait at home for the courier.

How do I pay for shipping a package?

We try to make it as easy as possible for both customer and the courier, you pay via credit or debit card on our site. You just need to get a quote, choose your price, enter your collection and delivery details and then pay. Just make sure to review the address details before completing your order.

Don’t worry if you have made an error on the details, just contact our customer support and we can change it for you.

Will a courier pack an item?

Unfortunately, our couriers cannot pack the parcel for you but we do sell packaging on our site. You can also buy packaging from most stationary shops and supermarkets. We also provide excellent packaging tips here to ensure your parcel arrives in the same condition as it left you.

Do you need a name to post a parcel?

To send a parcel, you would need the name of the receiver so that the courier knows who to deliver the item to when it gets to the destination. If you are sending a parcel to a company, you can use the company’s name as the delivery name.

What is the difference between courier and parcel post?

Generally, courier services are faster and cheaper to send parcels, the local postal service mostly specialises in documents and small parcels but couriers can ship both parcels and documents weighing up to 65kg. Our quote tool will only offer couriers who can send your parcel.

Couriers also offer a tracking number with each of their services but the postal service has untracked and tracked services with the tracked service coming at an extra cost to the customer.

How do I post a Parcel without a printer?

ParcelDirect offers a courier which will print the label for you before collection meaning you can send your parcel without access to a printer. The option you need to choose is “GLS” when you get a quote on our site. GLS can only ship within Ireland and other European Destinations, we do not provide GLS to countries outside of Europe.

If you are shipping to a destination outside of Europe, you would need to print a label before the driver collects your parcel, we provide you with the shipping label. If you do not have access to a printer, you could go to your local library or print shop and they will be able to print it for you.

How much is express delivery in Ireland?

Prices can vary depending on where they are going and the dimensions of the parcel but just to give you an idea, express options within Ireland start at €17 and will deliver your parcel the next day after it is collected. If you are looking to ship express to a European country, rates start from as low as €35 and they will be delivered 1-2 days after it is collected.

How to Send Gifts via Courier

Send Gifts via Courier.

Whether you’re an individual looking to send birthday or Christmas presents to your loved ones overseas, or a store owner in need of reliable shipping solutions for your national and international gift shipments, is here to show you how to Send Gifts via Courier.

We offer cost-effective options for sending gifts with global courier companies, making it convenient for individuals and businesses alike. Trust us with your shipments, and you can focus on expanding your business while benefiting from ParcelDirect’s top-tier parcel services, catering to anyone looking to send presents to their customers or partners, be it in small or large quantities.

Shipping Urgent International Gifts Made Easy

For those seeking swift international gift delivery, our Express Service is the perfect solution. We take care of arranging the pick-up and delivery at the earliest possible convenience, ensuring your gifts reach your loved ones within 24 hours in Ireland or 24-48 hours internationally.

Gift Packing Procedures

Before sending your gifts internationally via courier, follow these essential packing steps:

  1. Whenever feasible, retain the original packaging for your gifts.
  2. Safeguard each item by wrapping it in bubble wrap.
  3. Place the bubble-wrapped gifts inside a sturdy cardboard box.
  4. Fill any remaining gaps in the box with ample cushioning materials, such as polystyrene chips.
  5. Seal the box tightly with tape, and affix a shipping label provided by ParcelDirect (if necessary).

You can also check out our packaging blogs here

Send Gifts via Courier

This part is made simple by, follow the below steps and have your parcel collected from your home and delivered to your loved ones doors.

  • Click here to Get A Quote
  • Simply Enter The Size & Weight Of Your Parcel
  • Choose From Our Great Shipping Options
  • Have your Parcel Collected Or Drop It Off At A Local Store
  • That’s It, All Done. It’s Easy With ParcelDirect

Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping Gifts

  1. Cost-Effective Solutions: The most cost-effective way to send gifts by courier depends on factors like shipping distance, package dimensions, weight, and urgency. A standard courier service is usually suitable, and you can book it through our platform to benefit from discounted rates.
  2. Holiday Calendar: For timely delivery, we recommend to check the courier’s holiday calendar and book shipments in advance, especially during busy periods like Christmas.
  3. Extra Cover: We offer a standard liability up to €20 is included on all shipments. You can also opt for additional cover at low rates. It’s advised to keep the original invoice for your items as proof of value.
  4. Restricted Items: ParcelDirect makes this part easy for you and we have compiled a list of restricted items here.
  5. Sending Gifts to non-EU countries: There are specific rules for sending gifts countries outside of the EU. Customs checks will apply, and duties could be applied in the destination country.

If you have any specific questions or need further information on a particular aspect, feel free to contact our customer support here.

Top Tips for Efficient and Reliable Package Delivery

World wide Delivery6

In today’s fast-paced world, efficient and reliable package delivery is crucial for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you’re an online retailer, a small business owner, or simply sending a gift to a loved one, ensuring that your packages arrive on time and in excellent condition is of utmost importance. In this blog post, we will share some valuable tips to help you achieve efficient and reliable package delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction and a smooth logistics process.

Plan Ahead

The key to successful package delivery starts with proper planning. Take the time to schedule pickups and deliveries in advance, allowing ample time for your courier service to process and transport your packages. By planning ahead, you can avoid last-minute rushes and minimize the chances of delays.

Best Practices for Packaging

Proper packaging plays a vital role in ensuring that your items reach their destination unharmed. Use sturdy boxes or envelopes that are appropriate for the contents being shipped. Fill any empty spaces with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or crumpled paper to prevent shifting during transit. Fragile items should be wrapped individually and clearly marked as delicate. Remember, a well-packaged item is more likely to withstand the rigors of transportation, you can also check out our helpful packaging advice and blogs dedicated to packaging.

Clear Addressing

Accurate and clear addressing is essential to avoid any delivery hiccups. Ensure that the recipient’s address is formatted correctly and prominently displayed on the package. Include additional details like apartment numbers, suite numbers, or any specific instructions that can help the courier find the destination easily. Double-check the address before shipping to minimize the risk of misdelivery or returned packages.

Utilize Tracking and Notifications

Make use of the tracking and notification features provided by your courier service. This allows both you and the recipient to stay informed about the package’s whereabouts throughout its journey. Tracking provides peace of mind, and notifications offer real-time updates on delivery status, ensuring transparency and managing expectations effectively.

Optimize Routes and Delivery Efficiency

Efficiency is key when it comes to package delivery. Courier services employ advanced routing algorithms to optimize their delivery routes. However, you can also help streamline the process. Consolidate shipments whenever possible to minimize the number of individual deliveries. Consider using a courier service that offers same-day or next-day delivery options for time-sensitive packages.

Effective Communication and Customer Service

Maintaining open lines of communication with your courier service and customers is essential for a smooth delivery experience. Choose a courier service that offers reliable customer support and prompt responses to inquiries. In case of any delays or issues, proactively notify the recipient to manage expectations and address concerns promptly. Good communication builds trust and fosters strong customer relationships.

Ensure Security and Insurance

When choosing a courier service, prioritize security measures and insurance options. Look for a service that provides secure handling and transportation of packages, minimizing the risk of loss or damage. Additionally, inquire about insurance coverage for valuable or fragile items, offering an extra layer of protection and peace of mind.

Embrace Green Initiatives

Sustainability is a growing concern for many individuals and businesses. Choose a courier service that demonstrates a commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Opt for services that use electric vehicles or implement recycling programs. By aligning your shipping needs with eco-friendly practices, you contribute to a greener future.

Share Success Stories

Consider reading testimonials and success stories from other customers who have experienced efficient and reliable package delivery with your chosen courier service. Positive experiences and word-of-mouth recommendations can provide valuable insights into the quality of service offered, giving you confidence in your decision.


Efficient and reliable package delivery is crucial for businesses and individuals seeking to transport items securely and on time. By following these top tips, you can optimize your delivery process, minimize delays, and ensure customer satisfaction. Remember to plan ahead, use proper packaging, provide clear addressing, utilize tracking and notifications, optimize delivery routes, communicate effectively, prioritize security and insurance, embrace sustainable practices, and learn from the experiences of others. ParcelDirect customer support is also here to help with any shipping queries you have! Implementing these strategies will help you establish a reputation for excellence and reliability in the world of package delivery.