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Choosing The Courier Service Ireland


Do you have parcels or pallets that you need to be delivered within Ireland?
Do you require a cheap, fast and reliable courier service?
Are you fed up searching for a cheap reliable parcel delivery service?

If so, then Parcel Direct is here to help!

As an Irish Courier Service Company, Parcel Direct are fully aware of the importance of a cheap and reliable local and national parcel delivery service.

So working with some of the best names in the courier service industry, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, DPD, GLS & TNT helps us provide the best courier service possible for you.

With us, you can be certain your parcel or pallet is in safe hands and will arrive the same great condition as it left you.

Compare quotes from the best courier companies, and get the best prices available for your parcel delivery.

Parcel Direct for your Business

Parcel Direct makes it easy for all Irish businesses in shipping products within Ireland to the UK, Europe or Worldwide. Are you selling online through your own website, eBay, Amazon? If so Parcel Direct has the services, prices and E-commerce Tools to make your job a lot easier. Register for a FREE Business Account now and check out our great business tools and great prices. You can send your parcels, check you shipping history, view invoices and lots more.. And with our Irish based customer support we are on hand anytime you need us to help out.

Buying or Selling on Done Deal or Adverts?

If so then you need a reliable and trustworthy courier service that provide you with the right service for whatever you are buying or selling. Whether it’s a Laptop, a PC, an iPod or some farm equipment, Parcel Direct can ship it for you.

Parcel Direct Student Shipping Ireland

Are you studying at any of the great colleges or universities in Ireland and need a reliable student shipping service to get home? Parcel Direct is on hand to take the stress out of your parcel shipping and make it as easy as possible for you. Our Student Removals team are experts who can help send your excess baggage worldwide offering fantastic value, making sure you get to travel light and save money on checked baggage. Check out our great Student Shipping now.

Cheap Courier Service Ireland

Save up to 80% off your courier service costs with Parcel Direct. So now you can avail of great low prices for your parcel deliveries within Ireland and to the UK, Europe and Worldwide, including, the USA, Canada, Australia and China

It’s Easy with Parcel Direct

With our easy-to-use features you can start shipping with Parcel Direct in 4 easy steps. Check it out, How It Works, and see how easy it is.

Check out all our great advantages below:

Just Click, Pay and Ship
Overnight Delivery Throughout Ireland
Delivery from Ireland to over 200 Countries Worldwide
We Offer Fast Courier Services Ireland
We Offer Reliable Parcel Delivery Ireland
We Offer The Cheapest Courier Services in Ireland

Shipping Mobile Phones & Tablets


Shipping Mobile Phones & Tablets with

As more and more of us send mobile phones to friend, family and buyers every year, understanding how to package and ship them is essential.

As you may also be aware it is impossible to ship a Tablet, Mobile or Laptop with An Post. In fact send any electronic device with a lithium battery is not allowed with An Post.

Luckily for you, there is no problem send these devices with All you need to do is make sure it’s packed well and labeled with the handy label we provide for you.

Whether you are sending one to its new owner, a family member or back to the shop for repair, here is everything you need to know to get it there safely and securely, without the hassle of walking all the way to the post office.

Packing Materials Required
Bubble Wrap
Packaging Tape
Packaging Peanuts
New Postal Box
Battery Shipping Label

Step 1: Re-pack your mobile phone in the original box. If you don’t have this, wrap the phone in 2 cm of bubble wrap and find a similar shaped box. You will need a second, slightly larger box to place your phone into.

Step 2: Layer the bottom of your larger box in 2 inches of bubble wrap or packaging chips to create a bed for your phone box to rest on.

Step 3: Fill in any remaining space around the phone box with packaging chips and ensure it cannot touch the inner walls of the outer box. Give it a shake, it should not be able to move.

Step 4: Secure the box with plenty of packaging tape. Run three layers of tape down the main flaps of the box and then again in a cross pattern.

Step 5: Print off and attach the battery shipping label we provide via email.

That’s it, all done. Now why not get a great shipping quote online.

Get A Great Quote

Perfect Packing: Check Out Our Great Guides

Here at, we don’t just offer great delivery prices. We also offer handy advice for packaging your items. You can check out those handy hints on our packaging pages and below we have some great tips for those more awkward items.

Not all parcels are going to be a perfect cube, things like bikes, guitars etc, are a bit more tricky to package. Don’t worry, we’ll show you the easiest and best way to pack it! It doesn’t matter if you’re sending something you sold on DoneDeal, or sending a gift to someone, it’s very important you parcel arrives in the same great shape it left.

When it comes to tricky things like posting bikes or guitars, our guides will give you great tips on how to prepare your items for packing. For example, with bicycles you’ll need to remove the wheels, pedals and handle bar from the frame.

You might have a friend who has recently had a baby, you want want to send some baby equipment. Our posting guides cover all you need to know before posting.

If you don’t have the original box for the item you want to post, we can help with advice on what you can use to package them, and also which couriers will and won’t accept unboxed parcels.

We’ll give you all the tips you need to keep your items as safe as possible from start to delivery.

Whether you’re sending your daughter a new laptop, or some books for his studies, you’ll be able to find all the information you need in our handy packing guides for sending that parcel.

So if you’re sending something unusual, be sure to check out our guides.